Build Day is a contest within Talent Protocol that invites our Community to explore new ideas, create prototypes and develop innovative solutions while earning rewards for their efforts.

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👷 Why Build Days?

Talent Protocol in a community-driven project. During the Build Day, selected builders are challenged to create, design and develop solutions within a specific theme or topic.

The outputs generated during the Build Day can be integrated into our Product Rdmp Q2 [deprecated] for future development and implementation.

🌟 Rewards and Benefits

Participating in Build Day offers several benefits for the participants:

🔨 Build Days Board

Build Days Database

🔗 How To get Involved?

Application period

  1. Wait for the announcement of new Build Day on our Twitter, Discord, Telegram or Newsletter
  2. Come up with an idea of your future prototype.
  3. **Fill out the form to apply.**
  4. Make sure you have a Talent Mate NFT to be eligible to participate.

Building period