Why a Builder Score

Talent Protocol calculates a “Builder Score” for every Talent Passport holder, making it easier for onchain builders to find each other. By leveraging both offchain and onchain data, we can start scoring people on the likelihood that they are a real onchain builder.

This is just a first iteration of the “Builder Score”, to show what’s possible to do when you have access to reliable reputation data. We don’t intend it to become the protocol’s universal definition of a reputation score. Reputation is often subjective and highly contextual.

In the future, ecosystem apps will be able to define their own scoring systems with the underlying reputation data from Talent Protocol. This means a Passport can have multiple scores, depending on the context in which it’s being displayed.

How is Builder Score calculated?

<aside> <img src="/icons/send_purple.svg" alt="/icons/send_purple.svg" width="40px" /> If you have feedback or ideas on how to improve this score, reach out to https://warpcast.com/macedo


Builder Score Data Points

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<aside> <img src="/icons/code_purple.svg" alt="/icons/code_purple.svg" width="40px" /> Check how scores are being calculated here: https://github.com/francisco-leal/farscore/blob/main/commands/sync_scores.ts