<aside> ⚠️ **Cohort 0 has ended, and we decided to go with a more decentralized way of mentoring from now on.

We'll launch a website with all the details and support materials by the end of the year.**


Boost your career and empower others with the help of a thriving community.

Embrace a journey of mentorship and continuous improvement — and help to shape a new way to tackle multiplayer careers.


<aside> 🎖️ At Talent Protocol we see careers as collective journeys.

Level Up is a mentorship program built by the Talent Protocol community, aiming to take careers to the next level through collaboration, experimentation, and accountability.


For Mentees

⚡ As a mentee, you will streamline your career and take it to the next level with the help of a dedicated mentor and a supportive community.

Level Up will not only help you to find a mentor - it will offer you resources and events created for the community.

For Mentors

⚡ As a mentor, you will feel the joy of giving back, sharpening your skills, and creating a positive impact on tomorrow's builders.

It will be an excellent experience for both experienced and first-time mentors; we’re experimenting with a completely new mentoring model backed by a community of people eager to grow together.

The program can be experienced in two different ways.

<aside> 👥 Cohort-based experience

A three-month pilot with a selected group of mentors and mentees will run until the end of September 2022.

These participants will have more direct support from the program co-creators since they will provide direct feedback loops on how to improve Level Up.

**Apply for the next cohort**


<aside> 🤵🏽‍♀️ Self-paced experience

Aside from the 1:1 Mentoring Sessions in Level Up, everything is open to everyone. Please contact other community members and ask them if they want to pair up and follow along.+

Although the cohort-based group will provide more regular feedback loops, feedback on your experience is very valuable to us.

For the next steps check How to reach out to a mentor guidelines


In both models you will have access to one-on-one sessions and events and a library of resources.

One-on-one Sessions

We encourage all participants to engage in one-on-one sessions since we believe those to be the core of any mentoring program. However, we think that there’s also much more to Level Up 👇


The Talent Protocol community has prepared several events ****focused on different challenges that usually talented people face when taking their careers to the next level. Find them here.