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Embrace a journey of mentorship and continuous improvement — and help to shape a new way to tackle multiplayer careers.

<aside> 🎖️ At Talent Protocol, we see careers as collective journeys.

Our approach to mentoring aims to take careers to the next level through collaboration, experimentation, and accountability.


When our members voiced what they are looking for at Talent Protocol, mentoring, as mentor or mentee, was by far the option chosen by most people.

Being a community of people who want to grow together, Talent Protocol is the perfect playground to find like-minded people willing to help each other.

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But first things first, what’s mentoring?


3️⃣ The three types of growth relationships

Mentoring is a relationship between two people where the more experienced person, the mentor, helps and guides the less experienced person. However, it can’t be seen as a one-way flow of knowledge, and in most successful cases, both mentor and mentee grow together.

A mentor’s support can be focused both on personal development and career advice. Mentoring can take many shapes and may involve regular conversations, goal setting, tracking, and unstructured sharing of knowledge and experience.

Sometimes people confuse mentoring and coaching but the later is focused on asking questions and facilitating introspection.

Last but not least, sponsors can be as crucial as mentors and coaches by giving opportunities — introducing you to the right people, advocating for your promotion, etc…

The value of titles is always relative, and people are often a mix of these three roles (coach, mentor and sponsor).

In the end, what’s more critical is adding value to the different dimensions of a career path, whatever the title might be.

Why should I participate?

<aside> 🧭 ⚡ As a mentee, you can streamline your career and take it to the next level with the help of a dedicated mentor and a supportive community.


<aside> 🪂 ⚡ As a mentor, you will feel the joy of giving back, sharpening your skills, and creating positive impact on tomorrow's builders.


Get a glimpse of how a mentorship relationship can be meaningful…