About Perks

What are Perks?

A perk is something of value a talent offers to his supporters, i.e., people holding their Talent Tokens. It can be anything from physical goods to digital content. See below a list of Perk examples.

Why do you need Perks?

Perks are key to bringing more value and utility to a Talent Token. The more valuable the perks a talent offers, the more perceived value their token will have.

Perks can also help to persuade supporters to buy talent tokens, by differentiating talent in the platform.

How do Perks work?

Each perk has a name, a description and a price. The price is the amount of tokens a supporter must to hold to access the perk.

To claim a perk go to the talent profile and click the perk you wish to claim. This will open a direct conversation with the talent.

Types of Perks

Are Perks guaranteed?

Perks are off-chain activities not tracked on-chain by Talent Protocol.

We cannot guarantee that every talent follows through with what they promised or proposed, but they will likely see a drop on their Talent Token price if they don't. If a talent you support doesn't reply to your claim requests, please notify the Talent Protocol team on Discord.

Honest, ethical and hard-working talent should eventually be rewarded with more demand from supporters.