About Rewards

What are Rewards?

Platform Rewards are an incentive designed to reward users who actively participate in Talent Protocol. Both talent and their supporters earn rewards based on their activity in the platform.

Rewards are always paid in the $TAL token.

What is $TAL?

$TAL will be the ERC-20 platform token that enables governance and supports transactions Talent Protocol. All Talent Tokens are backed by $TAL. Read more about the $TAL.

Why do we need Rewards?

The basic idea is: during the bootstrapping phase of Talent Protocol, when there aren't many talent and supporters in the platform and network effects haven’t kicked in, we need to provide users with utility via token rewards to make up for the lack of native utility.

But as the network (and it's value) grows, the rewards the platform will offer users will decrease.

Where do Rewards come from?

50% of the total $TAL supply is allocated to platform rewards. This pool of tokens is intended to help launch, grow, and scale Talent Protocol. Read more about the $TAL distribution.

80% of that pool (400M TAL) will be distributed as automated platform rewards to the community over a period of 40 years (following an inverted quadratic downtrend function).

Rewards in Season 3 (on going)

Where can I see my Rewards in the platform?