Welcome On Board 🚀

Congratulations! 🥳 You're officially part of the trailblazers launching a token on Talent Protocol's Season 2: Talent Network !

The main benefits for users of Season 1 are:

  1. Access to a closed and safe environment to experiment with social tokens;
  2. Earn a higher amount of Rewards in $TAL;
  3. Talent accounts receive $200 worth of their own talent tokens when they launch;
  4. Access to $TAL token at a discounted price.


This guide will help you create an account, explore the platform and launch your token. We tried to make it as simple as possible, even for web3 newbies 😊

<aside> ⏱️ The onboarding process should take around 30 minutes to complete.


What to Expect 🔮

If you're new to Talent Protocol, start with the ‣

  1. Talent Protocol is still invite-only and in early beta, but already live on the Celo blockchain.
  2. We are distributing invites very gradually, prioritizing early supporters and community members.
  3. Insider tip: when you buy Talent Tokens this Season, you're getting $TAL at a discounted price ($0.02), while also earning an high amount of Rewards.


Getting Started With Talent Protocol 💜

  1. Create An Account [5min]
  2. Complete Your Profile [10min]
  3. Launch Your Token [5min]
  4. Join Discord [2min]
  5. Invite Your Friends [5min]
  6. Promote Your Talent Token