Talent Tokens are like shares in someone's career, where both talent and their supporters get paid dividends over time. Every talent has their own customized token.

Talent Tokens are ERC-20 tokens minted by Talent Protocol to represent someone's career potential. All tokens minted are currently backed by cUSD or USDC.

Why Talent Tokens?

Talent Tokens have the potential to create the social, emotional and financial incentives to discover and support talent early, while rewarding all players accordingly.

Tokens bring deeper financial and emotional alignment between talent and supporters. They're an unbreakable bond, recorded in the blockchain, and also a more accurate way to assess someone's talent and potential.

The greatest benefit of using Talent Protocol is helping you build a community of supporters publicly committed to someone’s growth. Talent Tokens are not an efficient way to fundraise large amounts of capital quickly.

Staking instead of trading

Talent Protocol is optimized for long-term relationships and strong network effects. We wanted to create a safe environment for talent to launch their token.

The staking model is almost like a private sale, where everyone is able to buy talent tokens at the same fixed price. Buying talent tokens is more like vouching for a talent than investing.

The incentives to buy come from 1) the rewards in $TAL distributed by Talent Protocol and 2) the possibility of making a profit if the talent token price stops being fixed.

Token details

Talent Tokens have a maximum supply of 1M tokens.

The circulating supply is the number of tokens already sold (in circulation).

New talent tokens are only minted when someone buys them with cUSD or USDC, at 0.1 cUSD or USDC per talent token.

How to buy Talent Tokens?

You need to have a Talent Protocol account and follow these steps: Buy Talent Tokens