The Talent Protocol platform is built on the Celo and Polygon blockchain, which means transaction fees (gas) are paid in their respective coin (CELO and MATIC) (the network's cryptocurrency, just like ETH is Ethereum's coin).

It also means that we're using Celo's stablecoin - cUSD - or Celo Dollars and USDC on Polygon, to buy Talent Tokens at a fixed price. On β€œSeason 3” all Talent Tokens cost $0.01 cUSD

You will need both CELO/MATIC and cUSD/USDC to use Talent Protocol.

Next, you'll need to top up your wallet with cUSD/USDC to buy Talent Tokens.

<aside> πŸ“Œ This page explains 3 different options to transfer cUSD to your wallet.


Option 1: Using your Credit Card

<aside> πŸ‘‰ Step 1: The easiest way to top up your wallet with cUSD is by using a credit card directly on the Talent Protocol platform. Go to the dropdown menu and click "Get funds"


chrome-capture (5).gif

<aside> πŸ‘‰ Step 2: Introduce the amount of cUSD you want to buy and make sure to check the Total fees the transaction will cost. Click "Buy Now"


chrome-capture (6).gif

<aside> πŸ‘‰ Step 3: Introduce your MetaMask wallet address. You can find and copy your wallet address by clicking the Metamask icon 🦊 in your browser extensions, and then clicking in your wallet address name (it will automatically copy the address to the clipboard).