<aside> 💫 Talent Protocol is a talent ecosystem, powered by AI and secured by blockchain, that unlocks rich reputation data and makes human potential more visible.


🧭 Mission

We are on a mission to help the next generation of builders succeed by making rich reputation data easily accessible and human potential more visible.

🔭 Vision

Our Vision is to create a decentralized and self-sustaining talent ecosystem, that can help the world transition from self-reported, static resumes to more reliable, portable reputation.

🎙️ Pitch

Talent markets are still very inefficient, mostly due to poor and fragmented reputation data. But blockchain can help fix it by making reputation data more accessible and reliable.

With multiple working apps and 200K+ Web3 users already generating rich data, Talent Protocol is in an unparalleled position to take advantage of this opportunity.

Talent Protocol unlocks rich reputation data, using both humans and AI to curate it, and makes it accessible to any app via an API and SDK.

$TAL is the token fuelling the creation and curation of reputation data, and also how the protocol redistributes value to those contributing to the ecosystem.

🎯 Long-term Goals